MK-02 – Casualty, Ageing & Basic Prosthetic Make-up


Duration: 2  Days

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Casualty Ageing or Basic Prosthetic Makeup
In the process of understanding casualty, ageing or basic prosthetic make-up the aim is to make it feel and look real.

Using  colours, plastics and effect make up can  recreate anything from scrapes, burns, dirt, tiredness, illness and ageing.

There is a fine line between casualty and ageing to full prosthetics. Casualty and ageing  is definitely in the make up artists department.

Create the looks of  swelling and broken noses,  a sick look, sweat ( a sheen, created by using Vaseline and Glycerine) to drug addiction, alcohol abuse and a death look or covering broken veins, the use of tear sticks and blowers cause tears and dirtying the face, hands and teeth to living rough on the street to working in dirty environment, all these looks can be achieved by the use of lighting and shading and colour palettes

Duration: 2 Days

Dates:   Sunday 12th & Monday 13th January 2020

Time: 9:30 – 5pm

129 High St
Holywood. Co. Down
Northern Ireland   BT18 9LG