Make-up Artists Northern Ireland (MUA’s N.I.) is an on line database company based in Belfast Northern Ireland.

As a company we try to help make-up artists, hairdressers and sfx artists find work within the film, theatre & television  industry as well as the fashion & photographic industry.

If you are a make-up artist, hairdresser or sfx artist already working within the industry or want to start a career in the industry then register on our website (contact  page)


We don’t guarantee anyone work. However, we will endeavour to give you help and guidance on how to:

Build a portfolio/ credit profile.

What skills & knowledge needed to get into the industry.

How to ” Get a Foot on the Ladder ”

Make yourself stand out from the crowd.

How to present a C.V. for a production company.

How to present and conduct yourself for an interview for a crew call.


To register your interest go to our CONTACT PAGE and fill out the form